Our clients concentrate on the agenda of their meeting and leave the rest to us. WTN organizes and arranges business meetings, seminars, and customer events. These meetings range in size from 5 to 20,000 attendees. The scope of these services vary according to the goals and objectives of each individual client. From travel bookings, pick-up-drop facilities, hotel registration, venue registration, accessories procurement, and securing and delivering cuisine, WTN undertakes an in depth analysis of your goals, budget, anticipated attendance among other variables, and devises the most comprehensive and cost effective plan possible.
Whether arranging invitations, booking delegates, monitoring attendance or sending a farewell note, WTN's services in this area are all encompassing. WTN's team sources accessory suppliers, assist in designing the best mode in which to meet, including audio-visual effects, portfolios, brochures, and gifts and remembrances, that are all personalized for your organization. WTN also combines business with pleasure, including entertainment slots, outdoor tours, and other activities which appeal to your client base or family of delegates. WTN's expertise in this area is all encompassing, and its sophisticated computerized software tracks data including attendance and monies expended per person to calculate cost, project areas for future savings, and calculate other variables relating to other personal and business considerations.
WTN expends unparalleled effort in customer support for each and every attendee, making the meeting and planning experience a truly memorable hassle free event. For Meeting planning Enquires please contact : corpsales@wtnonline.com
Making Corporate travel Easier
Coordinating travel for corporate organisations that fly their employees around the world frequently can be time-consuming and costly. World Travel Network Corporate Travel offers your organisation a quick and convenient ‘one-stop’ solution that will help to make your life easier.
1.    A custom-made agreement that would meet your specific travel needs across both the WTN network and beyond, with our extensive airline partnerships
2.    A single designated account manager in World Travel Network, which will help to simplify communications and negotiations
3.    Discounts tailored to your organisation’s travel requirements
4.    To ensure timely feedback, continual quality, and a long-lasting relationship; an annual meeting with your contact will be guaranteed

So when it comes to corporate travel solutions that will ensure efficiency, transparency, value and an unmatched standard of personalised service, you need look no further than World Travel Network Corporate Travel. If you would like us to contact you, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you. World Travel Network is the choice for all travellers who want a seamless air travel experience.

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